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Contact the Maison Belmal, the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert of Belgium, or the Ecole des Malletiers Jean Paré project in France:


- by email:  


- by phone: +32 86 49 94 94   (if in Belgium: dial 086 49 94 94). 


- showcase gallery (mini expo): at Durbuy, rue du Comte Théodule d'Ursel n° 26 (nearby the "Sanglier des Ardennes", and d'Ursel castle). The gallery is freely accessible on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, or with an appointment on Tuesdays and Thursdays


Courses and workshops. The year 2017 marked the 10th birthday of Belmal programs and conservatory, establishing the 'new' school Ecole des Malletiers, Nicolas Gilbert et Jean Paré of 1530, Belgium and France. Further links, related websites: Ecole des Malletiers Belgium and Ecole des Malletiers proj. France 


Restoration of antique luggage.  To get acquainted with the cost estimate process please click here. At Belmal teachers and students restore antique trunks for the Belmal collection, for private owners or other institutions, museums, and for organisations who have a trunk-making or leather-goods history travel equipment heritage, around the world.


Manufacture of new trunks & special luggage items (those are bespoke commissions only). Information about the style, norms of base materials, of travel trunks made by Jean-Pierre Bal, master-artisan  -> info 


Visits of the Belmal museum-collection's Archive and Main atelier: only possible on appointment, and contingent on approval by the Belmal - Ecole des Malletiers management. 


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