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Contact the House of BELMAL and the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert of Belgium:   


Phone, sms, whatsapp: +32 (0)476 62 12 03.


For the Ecole Jean PARÉ school in France, please click here   


For the "Malles de Voyage" exhibition at the Deux-Rys campus of the Ecole des Malletiers (previously at Durbuy). Visits by appointment only (reservation). Booking by email or sms/whatsapp. See also: opening days/hours 


For a visit of the Ateliers (at the current Ecole des Malletiers campus) only possible by appointment, and contingent on prior approval by the Belmal - Ecole des Malletiers director.     Related info : campus estate and house for sale Durbuy region (re. new campus as of 2023-2024)  


To obtain a price quote for the restoration of antique and vintage trunks.   Please send an email to obtain the procedure. At the Ecole des Malletiers the teachers and students restore or preserve trunks for the Belmal Collection, as well as for individual owners, cultural associations, museums, and local and international dealers, enterprises or corporations owning malletier trunk travel equipment heritage. 


Information about the design and manufacture of new High Luxury and Grand Prestige trunks and special (flight-)cases, namely the styles, norms, materials, and exclusive trunks handmade by Jean-Pierre Bal, master-malletier, and for the PARE MALLETIER brand.


For the courses and training (seminars). The 10th anniversary of the Belmal Conservatory was marked by the launch in 2018, Year of European Cultural Heritage, of the Ecole des Malletiers Nicolas Gilbert and Jean Paré of 1530, Belgium and France: Ecole des Malletiers Belgium and Ecole Jean PARÉ of France 


House for sale Durbuy region (re. new campus France 2023-2024)  


* management organs at Liège, and Charleville-Mézières, and establishment units at Manhay, Charleville Mézières, and Paris. 


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