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At BELMAL Malletier the house's master-craftsman creates some of the world's most exclusive artworks: uniquely designed, made-to-measure, entirely functional travel-trunks and special flightcases that can also be used as home decoration or office furniture, or in fashion shows, art exhibitions, and for special events, including historical movies.

The word bespoke artistry adequately describes the superb personal creations designed and made by Jean-Pierre Bal. He is a true artisan who works in his 19th century atelier, in Belgium.  


Each of the luggage items, crafted by hand, and one at a time, radiates unequalled character


The BELMAL masterpieces are either made on special order, or are the other equally unique ones that Monsieur Bal calls his 'Solitaire' creations. They are disclosed only by word of mouth to connoisseurs who invest in precious and rare objects.

The BELMAL way of trunk-making embeds the use of natural materials blended with ancient techniques, original art academy methods, and a high level of creativity, while the house's  manufacturing processes demonstrate the highest possible respect for the environment.  


The revenue generated at BELMAL Malletier contributes to the conservation of the house's museum-collection, and to the development of malletier conservatory courses.


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