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The BelMal Registry of Belgian Trunk makers, Travel Equipment and Luggage Brands  



Ed. : JPB



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The identification of names, brands, and addresses is part of the Phase 1 research about the Belgian chest- and trunk-makers and the trunk-making saddlers of the 18th and 19th century. A second more in-depth research phase ("Phase 2"), relating to Brussels' manufacturers, is in progress. It now ties in with the to be published in 2017 BELMAL Brussels trunk-making manufacturers' history retrospective, and likely to be interweaved with some autobiographical material about the Belmal master-craftsman.


DELVAUX: successive locations/addresses (in the 19th and early 20th century):


Bruxelles (Brussels), Rue de l'Empereur, 7, and then 5 & 11

Bruxelles, Présent assoc. Rue des Bouchers, res. Phase 2 still in progress

Bruxelles, Rue des Fripiers, 31 (sales point/branch)

Bruxelles, Rue de l'Empereur, 11 (of Antoine, the Younger, before succ.)

Bruxelles, Grande Rue de l'Ecuyer, 24

Bruxelles, Montagne aux Herbes Potagères, 1

Bruxelles, address-line re. Younger branch succ., res. Phase 2 verif. in progress

Bruxelles, Rue Neuve, 71

Bruxelles, address-line re. Younger branch succ, res. Phase 2 verif. in progress

Bruxelles, Rue du Marais, 25  (of J Brondeel,  and Res. Phase 2 in progress)

Bruxelles, Rue Neuve 72, then 90  

Bruxelles, Boulevard du Nord, 22, then 20-22 


DELVAUX names (brands/generations):


C. Delvaux-Présent (brand subtitle: "A l'Activité") (C. = Charles)

J. Delvaux Ainé (subtitle : "A l'Industrie Belge")  (J. = Joseph-Louis)

Ane. Delvaux Jeune  (Ane = Antoine)

Vve. J. Delvaux Ainé   (Vve. = Veuve, e.g. widow of Joseph-Louis)

Maison A. Delvaux Fils (A = Antoine)

name-line re. Younger branch succ, res. Phase 2 verif. in progress

(Maison) J. Brondeel   (cfr. depth-research Phase 2 in progress)

Charles Delvaux (is Charles-Louis, reminiscent of Charles the founder)

Edmond Delvaux  (sells the company in 1933) (1) 


[1]  Year in which the company was acquired by Mr. Franz Schwennicke

[2]  The BelMal research takes place independently. 


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"Hotel room, 1920s" decor-simul. with a 1907 Edison Ch. Delvaux trunk (BelMal coll., Ardennes workshop)


Art Nouveau and steamer trunk (at BelMal museum collections, Ardennes).



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