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Visit of the private museum-collection


Visits of the main collection, and of the restoration atelier, is only possible by appointment. A selection of trunks from the museum-collection is on display in the expo-gallery at Durbuy 


Further below a few study-summaries (text and photos) of some trunks of the 19th century, that are part of the Belmal collection of antique luggage. A new online mode of  presentation is in the works. The number of summaries currently available is therefore limited. Photos of some of the Belmal collection trunks can also be seen on Pinterest 


Excerpts of the Virtual Visit of Section III : 19th century, Europe


Trunkmakers of Belgium (SC = Official Supplier to HM the King or HM the Queen, per 19th century.) [1]


1.  Janssens, Vanderkelen, of 1858 - SCK appointed 1848 (offline)  

2.   Denonne, of 1880 to 1890. - SCK appointed 1868  (offline)

3.   Delvaux, of 1870 to 1888 - SCQ appointed 1883  (offline)

4.   Michel 19th, and succ. Piret, SC appointed 20th c. (offline)  

5.   Laust, around 1890 (offline, rest. in progress, ret. 2017)


Other European countries


1.   Griffith, of 1835 - appt. HM King William IV (offline)  

2.   Moritz Maedler of 1890 to 1895  (offline) 

3.   Louis Vuitton of 1875 (excerpt), and 1889 (offline)

4.   Goyard Ainé of 1895    (offline)

5.   Moynat of 1879   (offline)


Excerpts (...) Sections III et IV : 19th and 20th century, USA


1.   Folding Trunk of 1890  (excerpt)  

2.   Hartmann, with Hawl. patent, around 1900  (offline, rest. 2017)

3.   William Bal around 1920, and 1935 (offline)

4.   Taylor, around 1910  (offline)  

5.   Barnum, around 1915  (offline)  


[1] Official Supplier to HM the King or HM the Queen, in 20th century Belgian Warrant Holder, in French: Fournisseur breveté de la Cour de Belgique. Equivalent to the British "By Appointment to HM --"  


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