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Requests for a cost-estimate: restoration of antique luggage

(customers based in Europe or overseas)


Apart from the BELMAL collection in Belgium, the antique trunks  owned by third-party individuals or by organisations active in the conservation of heritage, can also be restored (repaired, refitted) in our specialised workshop atelier. Whether the luggage item is rather commonplace, or perhaps in a very shabby state, or of a high luxury brand or maker, and regardless of its country of manufacture or origin, the item is likely to be welcomed in our workshop.


To have a cost-estimate made, the procedure is as follows:


1. Please contact  JP. Bal, by email (


2. Take a few pictures of the item, and transmit those by means of an email, or download site, cloud-folder,...  Please also indicate your name, country, and phone number where you could be reached.


3. On the basis of the photos, plus a brief description of your wishes, an initial ('rough') estimate will be made.  


4. The final estimate will be prepared when the trunk will have been received in the workshop, to there be studied in detail ('auscultator'). In a few cases, a full photo reportage may be required in order to make a proper final estimate; for example when the item is located overseas or in Europe but not close enough to Belgium.  


In the event that the restorer-expert would view the item at the client's location (applies only to Belgium,  Luxembourg, and neighbouring/bordering  France, Germany, Netherlands, south England...), travel costs will be due. lf there are other simultaneous visits/pick-ups locally (> restricted to Belgium), for instance in the greater Brussels area, possibly at lower or no cost then. 


In all other cases (greater Europe, overseas), the owner of the item has to organize shipment (i.e. including from Asia, USA,... possibly via specialised transportation firm). 


For all of its heritage preservation activity (restoration,...) the Belmal house deals directly with its local or international clients (hence there is no agent , representative, or branch abroad). The House's own atelier is in Belgium; there are no museum collection restoration workshops of Belmal proper in any other country around the world. 


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